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TR, Laguna Beach, CA...."I had a boerewors tasting for 10 friends today and every person there voted your boerewors as perfect and outstanding. Thanks for making lunch such a success."

RC, Scottsdale, AZ...."Soft, easy to chew, very low fat count, delicious spices, delivered to my door. It can't get better than this."

SD, Hartford, CT ...."You've got a real winner here, Biltong Guy"

BB, Santa Ana, CA...."I can never go back to Jerky!!"

NS, Costa Mesa, CA...."Kudos to the Biltong Guy!"

SB, Seattle, WA...."Your Biltong is addictive."

MR, Springfield, NJ...."Your Biltong is a hit."

LD, Baltimore, MD.... "My kids ate it all before I had any. Send More!"

LL, Miami, FL...."Unreal Biltong, Best I've had in USA."

GH, Boston, MA...."Delicious!! Send More."

LN, Irvine, CA...."I thoroughly enjoyed your Biltong. It was everything you said it would be."

SC, Pittsburgh, PA ...."Love your Biltong"

PD, Long Beach, CA...."Great Biltong."

DK, Houston, TX.... "Outstanding!!"

MS, New York, NY...."I wolfed it down in 2 seconds."

GM, Chicago, IL...."I've never had this texture or flavor before. How do you do it? It's fantastic."

MD, Atlanta, GA...."You make the best Biltong."

JG, Aliso Viejo, CA..."I wanted you to know how much my family appreciated the sausages you provided. They were excellent, with a mild and unique flavor that my family very much enjoyed. Also, the jerky (Biltong) was wonderful with my son and others asking when I would be ordering more. Best Regards!

EG, Laguna Beach, CA..."Thank you so much for the Biltong. I love it! I am always happy to receive it. Thanks for thinking of me.